by Georges Urwald and Joe Del-Toe

The duo FLOTT Joe Del Toe (Clowning) and Georges Urwald (Vocals and Piano) play and play Luxembourgish stories in the form of well known and lesser known songs.
Music, singing, pantomime, clowning, magic tricks and various interactions between audiences and artists guarantee a GREAT evening.


For Your Enjoyment

With the larger ensemble, Georges Urwald & FLOTT, Joe Del Toe and Georges Urwald interpret new compositions on texts by various Luxembourgish authors from Dicks to Jemp Schuster, reinforced by texts by young Luxembourgish writers.

(picture by Tete Queiroga)

gFlott Kasematten Theater
Picture by Cari Bütikofer

Los Coyotos

by Joe Del-Toe

Two Clowns, Big Chaos. Charel (Joe Del-Toe) Chi Chi (Martina Leder) aka Los Coyotos make an elephant out of a little mosquito. They would like to be as clever, witty and fast as coyotes. Find out if they are!

(picture by Cari Bütikofer)

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Trio JoMaRo

by Joe Del-Toe

Coming Soon

Max Vogel, Joe Del-Toe and Roland Pfennigstorf

(picture by Lynn Theisen)

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Picture by Lynn Theisen
picture by Dani Jung

Kanner O Kanner O quel Bonheur...

production by MIL asbl

Culture connects and creates beautiful moments together. When time and space slowly erode, culture can once again build bridges and strengthen the system in which humans with dementia move.

(picture by Dani Jung)