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Joe Del-Toe (born 11 May 1987) is an 'Uewerkuerer Jong' who discovered the Clown Theater in 2015. At first he was fascinated by the "Health!Clown", that means a personal interaction with patients (6 months contract with Ile aux Clowns). In his two years of training he gained first experiences in the field of street performance and as an on-stage-clown. In the years 2015-2017 he studied at "Tamala Center" School for Clowns and Comedians in Constance, Germany. 

Joe is a member of the MIL asbl and is also actively involved in different projects connected to his first love miss "music". 

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"Since antiquity the role of the Clown is not limited to simple entertainment, but considered as the archetypical "inside-outsider", a sacred performer which can see through social and personal suffering, sorrow and injustice and heal them with the spirit of art and humor."

- Yonatan Levy

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